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Sometimes everything is on the line.  If you are facing separation or divorce, you deserve the best possible legal representation. You need someone with sharp insight to go to battle with you in court.

While having a “bulldog” on your side is often desirable to defend your interests, equally important if not more so, is knowing your divorce attorney possesses appropriate financial knowledge to protect your precious assets.  



Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®)


Very few attorneys have earned the designation of a CDFA® (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®).  Attorney Julie Gray Dorsett is the only attorney in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania practicing family and divorce law who holds this distinction.1


Why Is This Important to YOU?


As a CDFA®, Attorney Dorsett offers a base of knowledge that fully addresses your short- and long-term financial interests.

Other firms without this financial expertise often look to CDFAs® when their divorce cases require an expert witness to testify before the Court.  As a CDFA®-managed firm, Dorsett Law Firm offers this sought-after financial analysis as an integral part of representation for their clients:

  • Determining and recommending sound financial settlements to protect clients' short- and long-term financial interests.
  • Heightened skills and insights to best evaluate and divide pension and retirement assets—often the most valuable assets in a divorce case.
  • Explaining tax and insurance issues clearly and accurately while incorporating their effects into clients' settlements.
  • Calculating spousal support, alimony and child support accurately in order to maximize cash flow.
  • Knowing that some divorces have more debt to divide than assets, providing guidance to address the goals of divorce with the benefits of bankruptcy to clients who desire it.
  • Skillful review of financial statements to disclose assets and income otherwise hidden.

 1Accurate as of February 2016, according to the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts.

  • Did you and your spouse enter into a Pre-nuptial Agreement?
  • What assets and debts did you or your spouse have at the date of your marriage?
  • Whose name were they in then?  Have those names changed?
  • What documentation from that time do I have of those assets and debts?
  • What assets and debts have accumulated during the marriage?  
  • Whose names are they in?  Have those names changed?  
  • What documentation of those assets and debts do I have at this time?
  • How long is this marriage?  
  • Were there prior periods of separation?  
  • Was there a divorce case filed before?  If so, what is the status of it?
  • How much income does each spouse have?  
  • What are the sources of the income?  
  • Are those incomes likely to change in the next three (3) years?
  • What is the physical and mental condition of each spouse?
  • Who will have custody of the minor children?
  • What factors play a part in the ending of the marriage?
  • What do I want out of this divorce?

divorceheartDuring your Initial Consultation at DORSETT LAW FIRM the attorney will ask pertinent questions about the unique circumstances and challenges you have been facing at home.

When the court considers your request to dissolve the bonds and responsibilities of matrimony, it takes many factors into consideration.

That is why from the very first moment we meet with new clients we begin to gather key facts and evidence to address these factors.  We do this to create a strong foundation and clear understanding of your situation in order to advance your interests.

Information, documents, and other evidence we ask you to bring to your Initial Consultation will help the attorney understand your special goals and circumstances in order to advise you best about your legal rights and responsibilities.

So that you may better understand the questions ahead, DORSETT LAW FIRM created A POWER LIST of Questions for Divorcing Spouses© for visitors on our website to review.

What to Expect at Your Initial Consultation


Upon arrival at our law offices you will be required to provide photo identification and to pay the Initial Consultation (IC) fee in full.  The IC fee is payable either in cash or by bankcard only.  We accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover.  Payment by check is NOT accepted at the Initial Consultation but may be accepted for future work (a waiting period to start services may apply while awaiting a personal check to clear).

As a CDFA® Attorney, Our Credentials, Expertise and Experience Speak Volumes


In fact when other divorce attorneys need financial experts' help in court, they often call upon a CDFA® to be their expert witness.  We have those expert resources built into representation of our clients.

The CDFA® (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®) designation requires a vigorous and extensive course of study to ensure CDFA® practitioners are expert in financial analysis as it relates to the divorcing couple, particularly on issues of support, alimony, taxation, insurance, and pension division.

For our divorcing clients, DORSETT LAW FIRM'S s sophisticated CDFA® resources and extensive professional networks can yield valuable cost-savings.

We believe you and your pocketbook will appreciate this enhancement currently available in Pennsylvania only at DORSETT LAW FIRM.

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Because no attorney can represent both parties in a divorce, you should hire an attorney to exclusively represent your unique interest.

Whether your situation is as simple as only wanting the marital relationship dissolved or as complex as dividing property accumulated over decades of marriage, hiring an experienced and reputable divorce attorney is well worth the costs involved. 

Hiring an attorney ensures your deftly maneuvering the intricacies of the court system, financial analyses, tax law, and other matters and getting--or keeping--what is appropriately yours after the divorce is over.  Hiring an attorney does not have to mean sky-high costs nor does it necessitate litigation requiring court appearances or unpleasant interactions with your spouse.  Indeed, hiring an attorney can serve to avoid such discomforts.

DORSETT LAW FIRM has been handling divorce cases across the spectrum from the simplest to the highly complex for more than 26 years providing robust representation on both the financial and legal sides of divorce litigation.  Read her profile here and testimonials here for some of our clients' sentiments on our service then contact us for an appointment to get started.

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