When Attorney Julie Gray Dorsett started practicing law, she focused on areas of practice in which she had special skills, insights and valuable experience.

Grounding the firm in uncompromising ethics, cost-saving procedures, and innovative thought, Attorney Dorsett’s leadership continues to provide sophisticated, affordable counsel in a complex global economy.

Clients value the firm's negotiations skills and creative persuasion strategies and benefit from the civility, composure and common sense we bring to important conversations.  Our practical, calm advice is often credited with preventing cases from escalating.

Fair, efficient, effective in any context, we help clients weather the tough times with wisdom and good humor as we provide reasoned responses to forward resolution of our client’s needs.  Even in the most contentious of situations we provide formidable advocacy.  

Supported by advanced web-based technologies, DORSETT LAW FIRM’s in-house culture encourages imaginative collaboration and a heightened sense of civic awareness.  Valuing both personal and professional development, our work ethic comprises careful planning, an expertise shaped by success, and a driving duty that enables us to bring our best game forward each day to help overcome our clients’ challenges.  

Thoughtfully chiseled into the enduring success of our practice is the opportunity to provide lifetime services to our clients.  We learn from each of the individuals and businesses that entrust us with their futures. Time has allowed us to understand what is important.

Our courtroom triumphs, industry knowledge, and state of the art technology make DORSETT LAW FIRM an intelligent choice in the areas of bankruptcy, business organization, civil litigation, contracts, elder law, special needs clients, estates, trusts and wealth preservation, estate administration and probate, Fair Debt Collection Practices, family law, nursing home concerns, tax planning, 501(c)(3) issues, Pennsylvania Unfair Trade and Consumer Protection, personal injury, and real estate.

Our philosophy, values, and exacting commitment to the people we serve in and around the Cumberland Valley reaches far beyond Pennsylvania. 

We think beyond our current needs and know the importance of giving back to the communities in which we live and work.  Our Green Office Initiative conserves resources to help reduce our carbon footprint upon the earth thus strengthening the world around us.  

DORSETT LAW FIRM stands adjacent to the Franklin County Courthouse and is contiguous to the Franklin County Courthouse Hearing Annex in downtown Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.  

Please allow us to extend our professional strength, legal insight and expertise to you as we strive to create optimum results and improve opportunities for you.

We invite you to contact us by telephone at 717-267-2921.

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