philosophyThe philosophy behind our exacting work ethic is so uniquely ours  – it defines us.


We believe that hiring the best-educated minds is the single most effective way to resolve our clients’ critical concerns, settle legal disputes, implement essential long-range goals, and contribute valuably to our clients’ crucial business transactions.  

We effort to provide the same vigorous levels of professional education, skill, and sophistication found in large national firms while providing our clients exacting attention which only a regional boutique law firm can deliver.  


That’s why we train our new associates within a rigorous rotation of practice and hold them to exacting standards, so that we may do what we do best -- provide exceptional client services to each individual who comes to us for good legal advice and representation.  

In fact, many times circumstances require us to deliver exemplary representation at the expense of our firm’s short-term profits.  At DORSETT LAW FIRM our benchmark remains ~ we uphold our clients’ best interests.

We elevate the art of law to maximize your success.   


Saving money is important to everyone, our clients are no different. Knowing this, we organize our services around personalized client care, sound reasoning, effective performance, diligent research, persistent preparation, solid performance, genuine empathy and kindness.

Often our negotiation abilities save our clients thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs. We promote intelligent cost-efficiency through lean staffing, paralegal support, continuing education, inspired teamwork, exemplary document management, electronic research, and electronic litigation support.   

We stand aggressively poised to provide you the highest and best legal outcomes available.  For 20+ years our goal has been to render remarkable results for you with Zen-like compassion and martial arts precision.  Our focus is your success.

Legal Counsel to Great People™