We do not seek to be the largest firm;

rather, our goal is to be  the best at what we do.


Every day our staff strives to exceed client expectations.  Each DORSETT LAW FIRM professional is a highly valued member of our team and knows how to instantly mobilize the resources of the firm.  

Our attorneys, law clerks, paralegals, assistants and interns at DORSETT LAW FIRM work diligently to effect the standard of excellence you have come to expect.

To do so we foster kindness, merging reason with innovative thought and collegial support to forward team development.

We maintain an office environment in which creative people thrive and where each worker is offered a meaningful career.

We are gratified when clients tell us our results are “real and measurable” or that we have made it to their short list of trusted advisors.

The attorneys and trained staff at DORSETT LAW FIRM combine their legal skills, business savvy, industry knowledge, intellect and cultural sensitivity to get the job done right for you.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve individuals, families, and small business in our local, state and regional markets. To learn more about our commitment to excellence we invite you to please contact us.

Legal Counsel to Great People™