communityPerhaps community is best thought of as the quiet, often invisible constellation of one’s life. Seamlessly experienced, no matter how subtly it touches us, community is alive and vibrant.  As an animate nexus it offers a profound sense of belonging, even evoking conscious participation.  Community has the unique ability to nourish the individual while contributing in like manner to each of our neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers.  

For those fortunate enough to reside in the Cumberland Valley, we appreciate the many places where “community” reflects extraordinary relationship.

At DORSETT LAW FIRM our thoughts of community reflect positive feelings of unity, trusted service, contribution and fellowship.

When our firm confronts a challenge, rights a wrong, or takes part in resolving a spiny legal issue on behalf of one of our clients, we see the families of our clients restored, fortified, made whole and capable again.  In this way, we see our work benefiting individuals beyond our immediate client relationships.

And as we faithfully execute our duties and responsibilities, we perceive that the communities in which our clients and their family’s work, live, worship, learn, socialize and invest are made healthier, happier and more productive.  

It is through our zealous advocacy and effective legal representation that our work empowers individuals and small businesses in and about south central Pennsylvania year after year.

This opportunity to positively impact our clients’ lives by alleviating unwanted circumstances and crafting new ones designed to uplift, enrich and expand may be unique to the practice of law, but we don’t think so.

We believe within everyone’s grasp is the power to evoke peace, practice kind acts, and to teach the values of truth, justice and beauty to our children.  In this way each of us can express our ability to kindly and mindfully touch the lives of many.

Legal Counsel to Great People™