Conserving Earth's Resources since 1994

thumbsupWhen DORSETT LAW FIRM first elected to reduce office waste, we were prodded by a persistent and nagging concern that we all have a critical part to play in helping our environment in and beyond the Cumberland Valley remain beautiful and self-renewing.

Our early efforts led to an environmentally friendly program we call our Green Office Initiative.

Our immediate goal, to shrink our carbon footprint, was actualized in several ways.  Initially we located our office within steps of the Courthouse and courthouse annex buildings to reduce the need for vehicular transportation.  Purchasing the building gave us the authority to effect changes to the physical structure and amenities that underscored our commitment to environmental awareness.

As our company grew, we challenged ourselves. Our awareness became sharp.  We began to recycle letterhead, copy paper, ink cartridges, delivery boxes, packing materials, outdated manuals and phone books, empty soda cans, beverage carriers and sleeves, and any other office material we used continually.
Most recently, whenever possible, we have minimized the use of paper in our practice (and therefore ink and toner) through the digital transmission of court documents.  

Knowing that every step we take makes us better stewards of our planet, we remain upbeat in our commitment to sustainable practices and take care that our initiatives will enhance this beautiful place we call Earth.

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