"A leader is best when people barely know she exists. When her work is done, her aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves." ~ Lao Tzu


At DORSETT LAW FIRM we believe diligent planning and inspiration inform the quiet power known as leadership.  

Inspired leadership is organic.  It flows naturally when the heart embraces reason and engages in meticulous decision-making.  Through our keen attention to the details of your case, experience, understanding of the law, and thorough preparation, we provide uncompromising care, cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and compassionate service to all who hire us.

It has been said that a good leader inspires confidence and helps others perform at their highest capacity.  At DORSETT LAW FIRM we believe a great leader, through valor and meritorious performance, teaches all around her how to lead themselves to victory.  Thus each professional at our DORSETT LAW FIRM begins to inspire others and supports those around them to succeed.

Our goal for all is to live a life that is rich in meaning.

Our goal is not just to hire people to help our clients but rather to educate, encourage, and - when we can – instill a desire to elevate oneself, to plot one’s individual course to victory, to navigate the path to personal attainment and professional achievement.  

That is why each of our team members is tasked with leadership and encouraged to respect, demonstrate and embrace the finest qualities and principles of being an exemplary citizen, connected in a loving, mindful way to those around them.

Each day we effort to humbly perform our jobs better than the day before.  We do so not only as an expression of one’s personal worth, but also as a way of serving our clients and their families, the firm, the families of our teammates, our close circle of friends, and our communities.


Legal Counsel to Great People™