Through shifting economies, we uphold the belief that when all people in our community are served, the public good is elevated and society is benefited.  

As attorneys, we are required to meet the issues of the day head-on -- whether that undertaking is coming to the aid of a battered spouse, perfecting parental concerns regarding custody, helping an adoptive grandparent, or assisting a struggling family obtain top-notch bankruptcy representation.  

No matter what is asked of us, we have found there is always a way for one individual to make a measureable difference in another person’s life.

From our inception, we have channeled the creative passion of the DORSETT LAW FIRM team to benefit the poor and powerless among us.

We view this moral imperative as our honor to fulfill.

Please Note: To qualify for free divorce legal services, you must be a resident of Franklin, Fulton, or York Counties and qualify for Financial Need. To speak to our pro-bono referral partner, MidPenn Legal Services, please call 917-848-3605.

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