Dorsett OUTREACH is the charitable arm of DORSETT LAW FIRM


Our team members come from various walks of life.  Some have lived their entire lives in Franklin County, Pennsylvania while others have chosen more exotic places to call home.  Understandably, we all have different life experiences.  Still, we are united by common goals personally and professionally.  

Inspired by the simple beauties and joys in life, we are driven by a desire to live well and help others to do the same.  As such, we strive to show compassion and respect to our fellow human beings, and to advocate for the needs of our clients and also for the betterment of our communities.

Elevating Human Dignity and Access to Parity


Throughout the year our attorneys and staff come together to express our commitment to our neighbors in and beyond the Cumberland Valley.  Providing valuable time, personal funds, and energy to numerous nearby and national organizations working locally, we enjoy being a small part of the solution to recognized community challenges. 

Throughout the years some of our favorite endeavors have focused on:


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