divorceheartDuring your Initial Consultation at DORSETT LAW FIRM the attorney will ask pertinent questions about the unique circumstances and challenges you have been facing at home.

When the court considers your request to dissolve the bonds and responsibilities of matrimony, it takes many factors into consideration.

That is why from the very first moment we meet with new clients we begin to gather key facts and evidence to address these factors.  We do this to create a strong foundation and clear understanding of your situation in order to advance your interests.

Information, documents, and other evidence we ask you to bring to your Initial Consultation will help the attorney understand your special goals and circumstances in order to advise you best about your legal rights and responsibilities.

So that you may better understand the questions ahead, DORSETT LAW FIRM created A POWER LIST of Questions for Divorcing Spouses© for visitors on our website to review.

What to Expect at Your Initial Consultation


Upon arrival at our law offices you will be required to provide photo identification and to pay the Initial Consultation (IC) fee in full.  The IC fee is payable either in cash or by bankcard only.  We accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover.  Payment by check is NOT accepted at the Initial Consultation but may be accepted for future work (a waiting period to start services may apply while awaiting a personal check to clear).

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