Aja Brownell - Marketing and Media Director
Aja Brownell

Office Director

BA, Adelphi University

NAPW - National Association of Women – 2009 Woman of the Year

Unique Homes Magazine’s Top 200
1st REALTOR in USA to webcast client portfolios
Earth’s Institute for Conscious Living -- Founder and Director of Experiential Learning

Native of Long Island, NY | Life-long resident of the United States of America

Small business consultant, “Living HappyTM” Success Coach, caring soul, educator, spiritual enthusiast and aspiring author, this lady Loves People!

During successful careers in musical performance, public and private education and top tier real estate brokerage, Aja has lived and worked around the country, enjoying her friends, homes and experiences in NYC, LA, Santa Fe, Houston, Salem, Oregon, Rockport and Camden Maine.  

In 1995, as Founder of Earth's Institute for Conscious Living, Aja began to develop an inspirational and meaningful way to teach consciousness and “Living Happy” through experiential learning. Since then, thousands of readers, callers, and workshop attendees have been uplifted by her loving heart, kind imagination and her ability to see beyond a person’s circumstances into the radiant truth of who they are.  

Her passions include musical performance, a love of physics, geometry, brain science, epigenetics, fly-fishing and everything in the natural world.

As one of our clients told us recently, I should call your office everyday just so I can speak to Aja. She always makes me feel so much better – about everything!” Another had this to say, “Talking to Aja is like a day at the spa!” Aja is one-of-a-kind.

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