Do you know someone confronting a legal issue who may need your financial assistance?


Dorsett Law Firm will accept your contribution toward the legal fees of your friend or family member as your gift to them--like a Gift Certificate.  In fact we will issue a LawBucks™ Gift Certificate to your friend or family member if you wish them to know of your gift.  Otherwise, your contribution will remain anonymous*.  


We will credit the account of your friend or family member with the amount you choose to give once payment is received by us.  Payment may be tendered to us by way of cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.  Proof of the cardholder's identity will be required for any credit card transaction prior to payment.  Proof of identity of the bearer will be required for cash transactions of $10,000.00 or more and some check transactions.  Other limitations may apply.


The gift of Law Bucks is non-refundable to the gifter pursuant to the regulations and law of Pennsylvania regarding third-party payors of legal fees.  LawBucks may be non-refundable to the client depending upon the terms of the engagement of representation.  If refundable, LawBucks will be refundable only to the client or their express assignee.


Contact us to bestow the benefits of LawBucks on your loved one.


*Dorsett Law Firm cannot and will not disclose the identity of any client for the purpose of issuing LawBucks or otherwise.  In order to have their gift properly credited, the gifter must identify clearly the intended recipient of their LawBucks gift without assistance from the staff of Dorsett Law Firm.

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