alimonywomanAlimony is money paid by one ex-spouse to another ex-spouse to supplement the recipient's income after a divorce is final.  

Parties can agree to an alimony arrangement or the court may award one.  In awarding alimony, the court will weigh and consider many factors including actual earnings and earning capacity of each spouse, the standard of living enjoyed by the couple during the marriage, property distributed through the divorce, among other things.  If circumstances do not warrant an award of alimony, none will be awarded by the court.

Generally, alimony is one of two types:  Rehabilitative alimony is temporary alimony designed to support the recipient's endeavors to gain skills and education to better support themselves after the divorce.  Rehabilitative alimony will terminate on a certain date or upon a specific event occurring (such as conferring of a degree or certification) but is generally otherwise non-modifiable. 

Permanent alimony, on the other hand, will usually last until terminated by an event such as death of either party or remarriage, change in actual earnings or earning capacity, or cohabitation by the recipient spouse.  

Alimony is an important consideration in any but the simplest divorce.  DORSETT LAW FIRM is experienced in negotiating and obtaining valuable court-ordered alimony awards for our clients.  Contact us at 717-267-2921 for a consultation on your divorce questions.   

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