We are honored to present the following testimonials received from actual clients --

"Thank you so much for giving me a wonderful life 😊"

"You are an excellent lawyer.  I appreciate everything you have done for me."

“I don’t know how I got so lucky to have you in my corner, but I believe God led me to you. It’s been a trying year and I can never repay you for your kindness and professional advice. Every now and then you meet an attorney who is still honest to their clients. Such a rarity is hard to find in these times we live in. You are so refreshing.”

"Outstanding professionalism."

"You don't disappoint."

“Thank you for understanding and accommodating the growing needs of my elder parents. My family can’t thank you enough! We will continue to use your firm in the coming years. Thank you again, Julie.”

"I always felt you were 100% for me."

"You ARE and remain the best, Julie!!!!"

“You put everyone at ease… business associates, friends, family.”

"Just so you know, I tell my wife all the time that you are awesome!  I think we are very lucky to have you working with us."

"Thank you for everything.  I will miss you.  Love Always."

“This office was great to work with, answered all my questions and I didn’t feel like I was being taken advantage of or misled like I had in a previous experience. You guys are great!”

"No matter what I encounter in my life, I am coming to Dorsett Law Firm.  You folks actually care about me!"

"Thanks for not ripping us off!"

“Here’s what I’d like everyone to know – you are the best law firm ever!”

"This case was the hardest thing I ever did but the Dorsett Law Firm was so helpful and reassuring that the process was completed with ease."

"You guys are great!"

“You were really caring about my situation. When my life became more complicated you still got things done for me. I value the time you spent on my case and would definitely use you again.”

"Highly recommended!"

"I should have talked to you before I called my counselor because I would not have needed to talk to her at all."

“You exceeded all my expectations! Thank you for helping me with what turned out to be my international divorce.”

"Dorsett Law Firm worked to get my divorce completed in a difficult situation outside the traditional case.  I appreciate their knowledge and expertise."

"A very professional and friendly firm."

“I had worked with 4 or 5 attorneys for various matters before I found Julie. It was DORSETT LAW FIRM that kept me informed of events and progress during my separation and divorce. They are trustworthy, responsive and knowledgeable. I recommend Julie Dorsett."

"You're well worth it.  My mom was so happy I called you."

"Thank you for your counsel."

“Sympathetic to needs and concerns. At the start of what could have been a nasty divorce, her professional care and concern, and the legal knowledge that Julie demonstrated made me feel less stressed and worried. She had all the answers that I needed and was honest to boot!!! She told me what to expect and what I needed to do! I would recommend Julie to anyone who could use her services.”

"Tell everyone who needs help to go to Dorsett Law Firm."

"I am so happy I just have to hug you!!!"

“I really appreciate your patience. This Chapter 13 has been a long process. Sometimes I just needed assurance… and I got it! I have been totally satisfied with your representation. Thank you very much.”

"I will recommend your firm in the future to those in need of excellent representation."

"You treated me with courtesy and respect.  Thank you."

“Even though my former husband dug his heels in to stretch things out, I appreciate all you did. Thank you. Overall service – great.”

"This firm rocks!"

"You are wonderful at this."

“The professionalism and thoroughness of this law firm is outstanding. You will feel very satisfied with each of their services.”

"From my first visit with Dorsett Law Firm, I was put at ease.  Julie is thorough, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.  Very proactive.  They made my legal processes painless and I'm grateful for their services!  Thank you!"

"Thanks so much.  Things went really well."

“Julie is very upfront and honest about what to expect. She cuts out the trivial details and goes straight to the heart of the matter. I have the utmost respect for her. She gave me the very best possible outcome.”

"We arrived on your doorstep feeling defeated.  We left feeling confident and optimistic."

"Thank you for explaining all this.  I'm so glad I went with you."

“Attorney Dorsett helped us in a difficult court case. She was very professional, kind in every way and one amazing lady in court.”

"Great communication and service."

"I actually slept better after talking to you."

“I value the time you spent on my custody case. You were really caring about my situation. I would definitely come to you again.”

"Everything went smoothly.  I am really pleased with the help."

"Service is awesome."

“I was most definitely satisfied with my attorney’s efforts. Thank you, Julie.”

"Reflecting on what you advised in my consultation, I'm feeling better and better.  Your words were a gift.  Very therapeutic."

"They really know how to get the job done."

DORSETT LAW FIRM is Chambersburg’s absolute best law firm.”

"You guys are the best!  I am very pleased."

"Legal advice was excellent."

DORSETT LAW FIRM was wonderful. Julie has a great staff. In fact, everyone helped me make my Bankruptcy process a relaxing journey. Thank you Dorsett Law for help and for giving me a new start in my life. God Bless.”

"I thank you for your quick action.  You did what you said you would do in the timeframe you said you would do it.  If I ever need a law firm again, I would come back here at once."

"You put me at ease.  You're all top notch."

“Julie Dorsett has worked with my wife and me through all the hard times. She is flexible, tough-minded, and extremely ‘there’ for us. We would not go to anyone else. She is absolutely the best attorney that ever was.”

"You were Great!!!"

"Absolutely terrific!"

“Attorney Dorsett will do everything she can to help you. She explains how things will happen and work. She goes beyond what’s commonplace to do what is best for you. Her staff is super-nice. I recommend DORSETT LAW FIRM to you, no matter what work you may need done.”

"She's a great lawyer and a great person!"

"She is a real nice lady and good at what she does."

“Julie is warm, caring, legally potent! She’s always there when I need her the most. Her crew can do anything they set their minds to and they’re fun… it helps.”

"I tried other doors but this was the first door that opened."

"Julie and staff do amazing work and are very friendly."

“This office rocks! They are 'da bomb.'”

"Reasonably priced, great service!  Thanks."

"We really appreciate everything you did for us."

“Even the office staff demonstrates their concern for us. Everyone returns our calls promptly and keeps us well advised of the developments in our case. They are very good and kind listeners.”

"You put my mind at ease, again; I will sleep well tonight."

"You have been great with us all through this process."

“I truly appreciate your support, understanding and patience.”

"They were extremely helpful and always returned calls promptly!  A pleasure to work with!"

"Easy to get a hold of.  Whenever I had questions, I had the answer quickly.  All the employees were very nice and helpful."

“May God continue to bless your firm as you continue to bless others.”

"I enjoyed working with them.  They were trustworthy, good listeners and most importantly were able to understand me and my issue.   They were able to represent my issues fully in court as was allowed."

"Julie has never let me down."

“Attorney Dorsett and her law office employees have been so helpful in my bankruptcy action. They guided me through the whole process and answered every question I had.”

"We are so pleased with your work.  I don't think we could find a better attorney.  You are the top of the top, excellence beyond excellence."

"Always there when I need them the most!"

“Best Lawyers Ever!”

"Staff was A-1.  Friendly and professional  Great experience.  Will recommend."

"They helped me through a very hard time in my life."

“I was scared to divorce my husband but I had to do what’s best for my children. Dorsett Law understood the pressures and stresses of getting free. They prepared me for the steps ahead, addressed each of my relationship concerns and always served my best interests. I am a new woman grateful that my children and I are safe."

"I was very pleased with my experience at Dorsett Law.  She took the time and explained everything in a way I understood.  It was a trying time for me made a lot easier with Julie's help.  Thank you."

"You're the first person I've spoken to who sounds like they care about us."

“From the moment I called I was comforted and assisted on how/what to do in my situation -- I knew this was the place! You were the only firm that even talked to me when I called. You helped guide me to identify the direction I needed to go. Every other place wanted an appointment first. Thank you for making me welcomed; I feel valued.”

"I'm not going to lie.  I called 20 firms before setting my initial consultation with you.  I learned a lot about humanity on this venture."

"You're my kind of people!"

“Totally satisfied – everyone demonstrated excellence in every aspect of my case!”

"We've worked with Julie before.  She is an incredible human being.  We always come back to her when we are in need."

"Best Lawyers Ever!  Aja was the best - Great receptionist."

“Julie Dorsett’s work is always flawless. She is a blessing to us.”

"My best friend was represented by Dorsett Law Firm for custody and support.  She told me, 'You have got to hire them!"

"I wish I had come to you from the beginning."

“Very supportive. Thanks!”

"Years ago Julie helped me through a really nasty divorce.  Her insight and good humor kept me afloat even in court.  She's the greatest person."

"You're the first person I've spoken to who sounds like they care about us."

“This office has healing qualities. I feel at home there.”

"Thank you for your work, patience, knowledge and understanding."

"I knew I could always rely on Julie."

“Julie Dorsett is simply, well -- The Absolute Best! I would have lost my mind or my granddaughter if it weren’t for her.”

"She's wonderful!  I don't know what I would have done without Julie this past year."

"I wish I had known Julie 10 years ago.  My life would be so different now."

“The first time Julie met me I was in a medical coma. She advocated aggressively for my best interests while I remained unconscious for several months. Truth is -- she saved my life. God bless her.”

"You are the BEST lawyers hands down!"

“A special ‘thank you’ to your front desk receptionist.  She was absolutely wonderful.”

“Wow! Absolutely terrific service.”

"We were treated with respect and made to feel like old friends."

“Your firm was very helpful and prompt. All were very courteous. Thank you for your time and service.  I was totally satisfied with your work.”

“I think of Attorney Dorsett as an angel – they’re all angels at this firm.”

"We just got the most wonderful new!  I can't believe you guys were able to do the impossible."

“The people at DORSETT LAW FIRM are very well educated, friendly and super professional. We are very grateful to them. Thanks for doing a Great Job for us!”

“We are completely satisfied with our estate planning experience at Dorsett Law. The office staff made us feel very comfortable and we enjoyed being greeted by two lovely puppies, Daisy and Precious.”

"You always answered our questions and were there for us through it all.  Staff and attorney were so helpful and pleasant.  I would recommend you to everybody."

“I felt comfortable knowing that I was working with a very professional and friendly firm.  Somehow you made this bankruptcy almost pleasurable – impressive and unexpected service.  You exceeded my expectations.”

“Thank you for really helping me out of my situation. I can’t thank you enough for not only saving me $1100, but for the ease and speed with which we accomplished my goal."

"No matter how shaken or sad I was I could come to your office...and just feel the peace insides these walls.."

“Everyone at your office was friendly, understanding and made me feel at ease.  I didn’t feel like I was being judged.”

“All the office ladies were down-to-earth whenever they were speaking with me -- whether by phone or in person. They were always smiling, showing concern for me. Never once did they make me feel less than they. These are true professionals. I thank all of them So Very Much!”

"You get the job done without brutalizing anyone.  Refreshing!"

“I really like their professional service.  I also like the warm and comfortable feeling this firm provides.  Relaxing atmosphere.”

“Attorney Dorsett is intelligent and smart-witted. I love referring her to my friends.”

"I received great counsel and representation and my request to take the high road whenever possible was honored."

“Best divorce I never had – WOW. Thanks for talking sense into me. Am VERY grateful to you.”

“This firm has earned my deepest respect. Never once did they make me feel small or belittled. We were grateful to have them on our side. My wife and I have no trouble recommending them to any other people for way more than bankruptcy representation.”

"Very good service.  You kept me up-to-date on everything.  All around very satisfied and happy with total process."

“What would I say about the firm? Julie Dorsett is an incredible human being -- simply a great attorney who has surrounded herself with a caring, capable support team.”

“The attorneys at DORSETT LAW FIRM were great and very good at their jobs!”

"Your action plan saved my hide.  I can't understand why anyone would hire anyone other than Dorsett Law Firm."

“Wonderful! That’s a word that sums it up.”

“You did so much more than providing cogent advice and clear direction. I’ve come to depend on your sage guidance and thoroughness. Thank you, too, for being at my side through this process. It is my pleasure to recommend you to anyone looking for top flight legal representation in Pennsylvania.”

"How do I keep you on as my attorney for everything?  I am so happy with this outcome."

“Very informative. Kept me up to date! Thank you!”

“I am an attorney in the Cumberland Valley. I use DORSETT LAW FIRM as my personal attorney and counsel. You will find them kind and thorough, very knowledgeable and humane. Go to Dorsett Law… You will not be sorry!”

"Thank you for making this process as painless as possible."

“Here’s what I’d really like you to know – They were GREAT!!!”

“Dependable, Classy, Honest.”

"Without doubt I have the best attorneys a man ever could have."

“Oh, yes, I want to recommend this law firm. They did more than I ever expected. Could not have asked for anyone better.”

“A welcoming group -- integrity-plus. Knowledgeable attorneys return calls promptly. Willing to explain the paperwork, explore the pros and cons. Support staff is outstanding, too!”

"I don't think I could have gotten through it without the help of you and your staff."

“Ms Dorsett makes it so easy to understand and had lots of useful tips that took the worry off us… plus, she has a very professional staff. PS. We loved the puppies, too!”

“We will never forget you.”

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